MS10 Liquid Plus

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MS10 Liquid Plus
Zettex MS10 Liquid Plus is a highly fluid MS Polymer suitable for use on any surface. Zettex MS10 Liquid Plus can be used as an adhesive for large surfaces in building construction and industry which will bond to all substrates. Due to its low viscosity, Zettex MS10 Liquid Plus can be applied very easily without high pressures being required.

Product Properties

•Retains its elastic properties permanently
•Excellent absorption of acoustic vibrations
•Fast-curing, 3 mm per 24 hours and shrinkage free.
•High mechanical resistance.  Prevents fungal and bacterial growth.
•No contamination of edges when used on marble and natural stone.
•Does not contain isocyanate, solvents or silicone.
  • Plastic cartridge 290 ml 
  • Pail 1, 2.5, 5 and 10 L
  • Large drum 200 L
As a coating for big surfaces in automotive, building and construction market, like floors, roofing, walls, airsystems, gutters etc. due to the fiber reinforcement is the MS10 Liquid Plus perfect suitable for allwalkable and sustainable.
Features Specification
Hardness 25 Shore A
Progressive hardening 3 mm per 24 hrs
Processing temperature +5°C to +40°C
Elongation at break 400%
Viscosity 400 m/p per second
Density in g/ml 1,40
Allowable temperature range -40°C tot +90°C
Tensile strength 0,95 n/mm²
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